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Heat & Vibration Enhanced Cupping Therapy.
TheraCup™ is taking Therabody’s expertise in recovery to the next level by combining the benefits of traditional
cupping with our cutting-edge ThermaVibration™ Technology. We’re bringing suction, heat and vibration together
to create an easy-to-use digitized cupping experience that optimizes localized relief and recovery, so you can get
back to moving freely. With built-in safety sensors and on-device controls, TheraCup™ is suitable for professional
and at-home use. Experience more precision, more versatility and better movement with TheraCup™.




Suction decompression
3 intensity levels (30kpa, 40kpa, 50kPa)

3 intensity levels (41C, 43C, 45C)

3 intensity levels (1800rpm, 2400rpm, 3000rpm)

3 interchangeable transparent cups - (35mm, 45mm, and 55mm diameters)

Built-in safeguards
Auto shutoff - device automatically shuts off after 3 minutes of continual usage
Internal pressure detection - should internal pressure exceed 60kpa, device automatically shuts
High intensity suction warning - users warned when selecting highest suction level prior to
treatment initiation

LED power indicator
Internal lithium-ion battery (120 minutes)
USB-C charging port
Portable and lightweight


Bluetooth connectivity
Connect to the Therabody app via Bluetooth and discover guided warm-up and recovery routines
specifically tailored to your needs.

USB-C enabled
Easy charging solution.

200 minutes battery life
Long-lasting battery life for sustained use

What's Included in TheraCup:
TheraCup device
3 interchangeable transparent cups - 35mm, 45mm, and 55mm diameters
Type-C charging cable (USB)
Neoprene carrying pouch


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Weight 0.76 kg
Dimensions 55 × 55 × 14 cm