Male Health


Currently there is no standard of care programme in our society for optimizing hormone levels for men or women. This is a huge problem especially when modern day reality is that Testosterone levels in men are dramatically decreasing and have been for more than 20 years. The medical world seems to ignore this aspect of men’s health when checking their health status. Unfortunately many men are living with low testosterone levels which increases the risk for age-related disease, depression and infertility.

The modern day environments we live in are catastrophic to our endocrine system (hormonal system). Being constantly exposed to endocrine-disrupting chemicals and toxins lowers testosterone levels. This makes men feel less energetic over time and generally sneaks up on most men in the form of low energy and low vitality. Yet most men accept this as a natural side effect of getting old.

Zing True Health Male Health Programme is here to help you take back control of your energy, vitality and health.

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Testosterone is essential for?

• Testosterone is essential for every aspect of a man’s physically and mental health.
• Low concentration of testosterone increases your risk for age-related diseases, depression and infertility.
• Testosterone decreases body fat.
• Testosterone increase muscle mass.
• Testosterone improves heart health
• Testosterone improves brain performance and memory
• Testosterone improves dopamine in the brain.
• Low testosterone linked to depression.
• Testosterone combats Alzheimer’s disease and improves cognition.
• Testosterone prevents Osteoporosis and frailty.
• Testosterone fights inflammation.

Zing True Health Male Hormones

This programme is designed for men to optimise their hormone levels. Our goal is to transform men into healthier, happier, and incredibly productive human beings. Your psychology may also change, how you think and feel as a man. Your mindset, your will and your sense of self will change for the better as you optimize your blood hormone levels and overall lifestyle.

Zing True Health Holistic Male Health Bundle

As with all of our programmes we look at the body as a whole system. Noting is in isolation in the body.

Our process starts with:

Gathering Of Information

We first must gather a baseline of health, this is done in the following way:


Health questionnaire to be completed

(30-45 minutes to complete)


Physical assessment

a. Pulse examination
b. Tongue examination
c. Postural examination
d. Musculoskeletal examination


Blood panels examined


Autonomic Response Therapy


Environmental Assessment

Treatment Plan

We analyse your health history and combined with our findings, we devise a suggested treatment plan which usually includes.

Optimum Nutritions

Nutritional Plan

You will be given a detailed nutrition plan to follow, recipes, meal plan, list of foods and diet to follow. This will be personalised to your results.


Supplementation / Herbs

Targeted towards your detailed health check above and reasons for taken these supplements and a time frame. We only use high quality supplement products and herbal decoctions.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

May be included in some programmes again depending on the individual case.


Acupuncture can be a very powerful method to help bring balance back to the body. We like to include this in most of our programmes as it can help clients achieve better and more efficient results when combined with the other health modalities.



All of our clients are given breathwork exercises to complete. Following breathing assessment, a breathwork programme is then created for you to follow and complete.


Movement Plan

You cannot have healthy hormones unless you work your muscles. We will create an exercise plan based on your physiological load or stress load and on the findings above.


We are not guessing in our clinic when we test we like to re-assess to see did the treatment plan work and we like to see has the baseline figure moved. From here we can then decide on the next course of action of your treatment plan. Generally we have three phases in our clinic with regards our treatment programmes. They are:

1. Relief Phase – this is where we work intensively with you to get your health back on track.
2. Stabilisation Phase – this is where we make sure we keep the body in a healthy state and strengthen it in this state.
3. Longevity Phase – this is where we keep you on the path of health and help you to maintain your body in a healthy condition.