Tuina Massage

What Is Tui Na Massage

– Traditional Chinese massage to treat illness and help to correct physiological imbalance in body

Tuina Massage In Ireland (pronounced Twee Nah) is a manual technique aimed at enhancing health and treating various clinical conditions. The terms ‘Tui’ and ‘Na’ literally mean ‘to push’ and ‘to grasp’, respectively. Tui Na has been used for thousands of years in traditional Chinese medicine to treat disease and also to protect health and build up the body to prevent infection. Tui Na is a type of physical massage that increases Qi (energy) and blood flowing freely, strengthening tendons and bones, eliminating fatigue and restlessness, and promoting longevity.

Tui Na manipulations are like osteopath and chiropractor techniques but follow very different principles that create stimulation that can promote and or inhibit physiological function and reinforce the body towards strength and well-being. Tui Na Massage is the only bodywork therapy in traditional Chinese medicine that is considered medical and the only major bodywork therapy that follows the vast principles and diagnostics of Chinese medicine.

The core principles of Tui Na are based on the key fundamental theories of diagnostics of Chinese medicine. It is essential to not to simply view Tui Na as a massage or a bodywork therapy but rather as a whole medical system that can be used to treat the whole body for both external and internal conditions.

Tui Na massage in Kildare contains many joint manipulations that are similar to osteopathy and chiropractor, although this does not makes Tui na the same as Osteopathy or chiropractor because we do not keep to the fundamental principles of Osteopathy and Chiropractor. Tui Na Massage in our clinic in Kildare contains many massage techniques that are similar to western sports massages like physio and physical therapy, although Tui Na is not sports massage like physio or physical therapy because Tui Na does not follow their principles. Tui Na follows the principles of Chinese medicine; that is what sets Tui Na apart from other bodywork therapies, not the techniques.

Tuina massage Kildare

Benefits Of Tuina Massage in Kildare

The general benefits of Tui Na massage in Kildare include realignment of the tissues and joints, improving function or internal organs, improving blood and lymphatic flow,  acceleration of healing and reduction of the risk of reoccurring injuries and strengthening the immune system.

Regulates The Internal Organs

– Promoting blood circulation

Tui Na massage in Kildare, Ireland is essentially an external therapy, and although it dose not directly affect the internal organs, it has the ability to treat internally, meaning it can treat and regulate the functioning of the internal organs of the body. Tui Na manipulations is of great significance for promoting blood circulation in microcirculation which is one aspect of the action of invigorating blood and dissolving blood stasis.  

Acceleration Of Healing And Reduction Of The Risk Of Reoccurring Injuries

– Flow unobstructed and healing

It is ultimately the proper function of our nervous system and blood flow in our body that help us to heal injuries and damage done to the body tissues and to restore and maintain regular functioning of the body. When Tui Na is used we are essentially making the body’s own healing mechanisms become more efficient. We are not adding anything to the body in terms of substances, but simply enabling the body to become more effective in what it dose itself by using Tuina massage Kildare to open the meridian channels, relax any tension and to realign the body, Qi and blood will be able to flow unobstructed and healing can occur in a quicker and smoother fashion.

Realignment Of The Tissues And Joints

– Stabilise joints

If the body is in alignment and everything is moving as it should, then the body should be able to heal and perform at a higher level. When the body is healthy it can self-regulate and self-repair itself when structurally aligned. Good alignment will also increase Qi and blood flow which then will nourish the organs and tissues making the person feel energetic and healthier. 

Using tui na massage in Kildare we can ensure that the tissues and joints of the body are properly aligned and sitting as they should be, encouraging the maintaining good posture, meaning that the body can then take care of itself in the best way possible.

Tuin Na works on the body to either relax or strengthen the soft tissues in order to stabilise the joints and also create space within the joints through traction (Ba Shen Fa) which enables smooth flow of Qi and blood. This reduces the likelihood of stiffness and pain in the body and increases stability/ It is also important that there is stability within the joints to ensure that you can transfer strength and maintain alignment. By aligning the tissues and joints of the body, we can ensure that there is balance within the soft tissues supporting the bone structure and that the joints can operate as they should in a neutral position. We also use Tui na as part of our weight loss programme.

Breaking Down Scar Tissue And Adhesions

– Better circulation

Specific Tui Na techniques, can locate and break down scar tissue and adhesions that may have appeared over time during the healing of previous or current injuries, and encourage the body to heal in a smoother fashion. Additionally, by relaxing the softening the surrounding tissues that have transformed due to compensation of any scar tissue or adhesions, the area will begin to relax and return to a more natural state that will allow better circulation.

Strengthening The Immune System

– Mobilising Qi blood & body fluids

Tui Na massage in Kildare helps to keep the Qi, blood and body fluids moving. By mobilising the Qi blood and body fluids, the body can resist and fight off pathogens. Massage Kildare in general has been shown to increase the number of lymphocytes within the body, which are a type of white blood cell that acts to protect the body from disease, allowing the natural defence mechanisms of the body to take place. Also you can try our HBOT chamber or acupunture for better healing effects.

What Tui Na Can Treat


Lower Back Pain


Frozen Shoulder

Neck Pain

Tennis / Golfers Elbow

Shoulder Pain

Carpal Tunnel

Upper Ack Pain

Hip Pain

SI Pain

Knee Pain

Ankle Pain