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Our herbalists in Ireland offer a wealth of knowledge and expertise in herbalism. Whether you’re interested in exploring herbs’ healing benefits for yourself or your family, our herbalists can provide guidance and support. Our practitioners specialise in prescribing tailored herbal formulas to relieve various illnesses and ailments. Additionally, our herbalists are passionate about educating their clients on the importance of using natural remedies to maintain optimal health. At Zing True Health, we strive to provide our clients with the highest quality herbalism services.

The human body just like the earth is 70% water and 30% solid matter. If you can balance the water, the metabolism will be normal, and the body will maintain healthy. Our focus with herbal medicine is to create this balance by identifying the imbalances through diagnostic tools.

• Tongue Diagnostics
• Pulse Diagnostics
• Eye Diagnostics
• Palm Diagnostics
• Palpation of Abdominal Area
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What is Gua Sha
Qi & Blood

How Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbalism Works?

Zing True Health Herbalists’ objective is to examine the subtle matter in the body space (Inside the cell and the body space) by using the simple diagnostics techniques above. Within this space is where energy lives. It is intangible and cannot be seen with the naked eye. Once the energy accumulates, it becomes stagnated energy in the body space and starts to create dysfunction within the body. Choosing the correct herbs can move this stagnated energy and bring balance back to the body.

The fluid within the cell is a form of water, and our cells expand and contract (like how we breathe) so that the essence inside the cell will radiate out into the space, and the essence outside the cell will be absorbed into the cell. This allows our body, mind and spirit to grow and expand or create dysfunction and a state of survival.

In Zing True Health Clinic, our herbalists focus on making the body space clean and clear so that the energy in the space keeps moving, reducing the chance for accumulation and dysfunction in the body.

Microcosm Of The Body

Traditional Chinese Medicine sees the body as a fractal system that is constantly replicating itself all over. Let’s examine further:

The tongue can be seen as a microcosm of our entire body. Through the observation of the tongue size, shape, and other characteristics you can tell the condition of the body’s energy movement. According to the research on tongue diagnosis you can identify the concept of the body’s pathology and physiology as cells abnormal and normal function. The process of healing refers to the transformation from abnormal function to normal function, the phenomenon of energy movement and energy blockage. This can be done because the tongue is a fractal or micro image of the entire body.

Gua Sha Clears Qi & Blood Stagnation

Zing True Health Herbalism

The key point in the Zing True Health Herb medicine treatment method is the understanding of body space as energy movement and dispersion of energy. Our goal is to use the fewest herbs to facilitate the best treatment result. The application of herbs focuses on the energy movement. The moveable energy can transfer energy from the area of stagnated energy to the area of less energy in the body.

Two Types Of Space Within The Body

1. Small Spaces

Space between the cells

2. Large Spaces

Spaces between organs

Between these spaces informational energy flows and effects the functioning of the cells. All cells breath. When a cell contracts the matter within the cell converts to energy outside of the cell – vital energy or Qi.

Illness is a result of an imbalance of expansion and contraction of the cells. The bigger the imbalance the worse the illness. Zing True Health Clinic Herbalism focuses on restoration of cell balance, by selecting the correct herbs for creating balance within the body space.

Zing True Health approach is integrative and holistic. It emphasizes the health of the body as a whole. The function of each organ and cell in the body is closely linked to the function of the entire body. We combine herbs with movement, breathing, thinking, nutrition and hyperbaric oxygen therapy.