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3 Key Hormone Players For Female Health

Oestrogen, Progesterone and Testosterone are the 3 key hormones for female health and they need to be in the correct balance during certain phases of the female cycle. A quick look at the importance.

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• Favourably affects macronutrient metabolism and can enhancing endurance training.
• Increases glucose utilization.
• Increases glycogen storage in luteal phases.
• Can reduce muscle inflammation and encourage effective repair following a workout.
• Elevated oestrogen is associated with higher levels of energy, quicker reaction times, as well as an increased secretion of cortisol.
• Oestrogen can help to increase blood to the thyroid, and enhance metabolism.
• Elevated oestrogen is associated with higher blood pressure numbers.
• Oestrogen supports and can increase production of human growth hormone.
• Higher levels of oestrogen can be associated with anxiety and higher levels of stress.
• Days 12 – 18 oestrogen is dropping very quickly, so immune system and recovery are hampered.
• Suppressed Oestrogen will lead to a suppressed immune system.


• Progesterone has been shown in preliminary studies to reduce glycogen and macronutrient metabolism & their utilization. This is acting as an antagonist to oestrogen, not favouring endurance type training.
• Reduces gluconeogenesis, the body’s mechanism for maintaining stable glucose levels (and generating glucose aka supplying energy from other non-carbohydrate sources), thus compromising endurance training.
• Elevated levels are associated with higher levels of GABA, a calming chemical in the body that also enhances Serotonin.
• Elevated progesterone is associated with slower nerve reaction times and suppressed energy and metabolism.
• Elevated progesterone is associated with suppressed or lower blood pressure.
• Progesterone is a calming hormone – helps sleep, feel good factor and relaxation. It is a Nurturing hormone.

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• Elevated testosterone during specific phases of the cycle increases endorphins and oxytocin.
• Enhances mental clarity
• Increases neuromuscular reaction times
• Increases muscle protein synthesis
• Supports and can increase production of human growth hormone

Unfortunately these 3 hormones are rarely tested during a women’s life and very rarely discussed in detail around their health issues. With more women than ever on oral contraceptive pills, hormone replacement therapy and suffering during their cycles a simple understanding and testing of these hormones can make a huge difference to energy, life and a thriving body.

Pre And Post Menopause

Oestrogen gradually declines overall and progesterone is radically unpredictable with highs and lows. Over time they both decline, however testosterone maintains a steady level. Not only does this present physiological, biological changes in a woman, as well as her responses to stress and regulation of diet, exercise, and environment, but also behaviour. (As men get older, their testosterone declines while women maintains a dominant level over their other hormones).
Studies do show that resistance training in older females is beneficial to maintaining bone density and preventing degeneration diseases such as arthritis, osteoporosis. Focus exercise training that strengthens muscles supporting the spine and hip; areas most vulnerable to injury and bone degeneration in early menopause.

So, at all ages in women’s life it is important to test hormone levels and to treat accordingly, to eat healthy and to build muscle and maintain for optimal health. Here at Zing True Health Clinic we take all of this into consideration when creating your treatment plan.

5 Stressors: There are five types of stress on the body

1. Physical Stress

Whenever we move or exercise our bodies are managing a form of natural stress that keeps us strong and fit. Too much physical stress; however, can cause immune system suppression, poor performance, and increase the incidence of injury.

2. Chemical Stress

The body naturally manages chemical stress daily when it manufactures a variety of chemicals that are essential for out health such as hormones and Vitamin D production. However, we are exposed daily to chemicals and toxins that our bodies have a difficult time neutralizing. Over time, repeated exposure to harmful chemicals can lead to disease.

3. Electromagnetic Stress

In nature, this comes in the form of sunlight and the earth’s electromagnetic field. Man-made forms include medical x-rays, high-voltage electrical lines and electronic devices. Electromagnetic pollution from man-made sources can cause dysfunction in the body’s hormonal and autonomic nervous system.

4. Psychic or Mental Stress

Planning, problem-solving, and overcoming challenges are all forms of positive mental stress. Unwanted mental stress incudes abusive relationships, financial worries and negative thinking. Emotional effects from some of these stressors can also lead to illnesses:
• Anxiety, depression, anger, frustration, jealousy.
• Spiritual confusion, living outside of core values.
• Family/relationship, finances/money, job/career, school
• Negative thoughts, negative self-talk.
• Mental pollution (TV, News, Ads, Social Media)
• Lack of Direction, Lack of passion.

5. Nutritional Stress

Digestion and assimilation of foods are forms of nutritional stress that are necessary for survival. Eating too little or too much in a given day and/or consuming foods with toxins are examples of bad nutritional stress.
• Processed sugar, artificial sweeteners
• Processed foods (and oils)
• Food sensitivities
• Calorie restriction, overeating or binging
• Dehydration
• Preservatives, additives, artificial flavours, food colouring
• Hormones (unhealthy animals)
• Soft drinks & sports drinks


Healthy Digestion = Healthy Hormones

Scientists have found evidence that the bacteria in the gut affects our physiology in numerous ways, including the ability to interfere with the serotonin transporter which controls levels of serotonin available to us. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that works with the brain to regulate appetite, sleep rhythms, and mood. We are repeatedly learning through science that a healthy gut microbiome is essential to our physiological and psychological health. In order to achieve and maintain healthy gut bacteria, we must look to what we consume. At Zing True Health Clinic we put a large focus on the food you consume.

Identifying Bio Individual Needs

Each woman is different; their bodies are different, their metabolisms are different, their lifestyles, energy requirements, health conditions, environments, everything. What is “perfect” for one person might not do well for another person, when it comes to macronutrient ratios (carbs, protein, fat). This is called biochemical individuality. Women do not have to measure portions, weigh foods or record points each time they chew.
Practicing awareness and learning to understand one’s bio individual needs is simple. Learning to listen to your body is a major key to achieving optimal health and vitality through food. We teach you this in Zing True Health Clinic and guide you through the process.

Women Health Programme

Our programme is for all women at any age, we design it specifically for your needs and test specifically for your needs. We use multiple modalities to help you achieve your optimal health goals and help you every step of the way. Zing True Health Clinic is a holistic clinic that looks at you as an individual and treats you as one. We use all natural approaches and powerful health technologies. We combine

• Herbs
• Supplements
• Nutrition
• Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
• Exercise and Movement
• Breathwork
• Autonomic Response Testing

Book in for a free consultation to see how Zing True Health can Help you achieve your Health goals.

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