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Our amazing brain contains around 86 billion neurons. To power our neurons our brain is incredibly energy and nutrient demanding. Our brain relies on nutrition and lifestyle factors to function optimally. 20% of our whole body energy is consumed by the brain.

The mature brain has many specialised areas of function, and neurons that differ in structure and connections. The hippocampus, for example, which is a brain region that plays an important role in memory and spatial navigation, alone has at least 27 different types of neurons. A loss of hippocampal volume has been linked to reduced cognitive function and depression.

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Factors Affecting Our Brain

Lack of ATP / mitochondrial dysfunction

Inflammation / blood glucose imbalances / insulin resistance / food reactions / infections

Hormone and nutrient imbalances / insufficiencies

Ageing / Lack of nutrients to support neurogenesis

Stress / lack of sleep / circadian rhythm disturbances (e.g. night shift)

Infections (e.g. viral, bacterial, fungi / mould)

Toxic load (chemical, biological, physical)

Physical damage / trauma / leaky gut / blood brain barrier

Stress / lack of sleep / circadian rhythm disturbances (e.g. night shift)

Lack of stimulation (includes environment, mental stimulation, social connections and support)

Genetic variations

Genetic variations

Acupuncture needles. Inserting needles very thin needles - single use, sterile needles.

Toxins And The Brain

Exposure to toxins can damage the blood brain barrier, promote inflammation, the destruction of neurons, interfere with neurogenesis and disturb neurotransmitter balance affecting cognition, performance and mood. Oxidative stress damages mitochondrial function and cell health. The result can be fatigue (brain fog), poor brain function and overall loss in performance mentally and physically.

Brain Boosting Plan

Zing True Health brain booster plan starts with a full body cleanse. We remove any high allergenic food, and potential environmental toxins to help your body get a relief from the burden and get into a healing state.

But we don’t just remove, we also introduce lots of vegetables for detoxification, healthy fats to feed the brain and protein to stabilise blood sugars.

Central Nervous System (CNS)

A crucial component of brain health is also your Central Nervous System health. When your brain is healthy and your Central Nervous System is healthy we have:
• Normal behaviours, cognition, emotion and nociception
• Healthy level of inflammatory cells and / or mediators
• Normal Gut microbiota

But a unhealth brain and an abnormal CNS can cause
• Alterations is gastrointestinal motility.
• Increase visceral perception
• Changes in gastrointestinal secretion
• Increase in intestinal permeability
• Negative effects on regenerative capacity of GI mucosa
• Negative effects on intestinal microbiota
• Increase inflammation

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Brain Function and Mood

Lifestyle and Diet to support Gut Brain axis.

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People with depression have been shown to have inhibited neurogenesis (process of creating new neurons). It has also been shown that depression leads to neural atrophy (breakdown) and a loss of neurons in the brain. Zing True Health clinics approach to brain health is to increase or create more neurons in the brain. We do this by improving the energy production at cellular levels which will improve brain function and likely improve the rate of neurogenesis in the brain making a happier human being.


Anxiety is related to poor breathing mechanics and poor production of Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA). GABA is a inhibitory neurotransmitter and plays many important roles in your brain. It influences the development of new neurons, helps them become differentiated and forms new synapse in the brain (connections). Think of GABA as a nice massage in the body, in brings inner quietness and calmness. Anxiety disorders are related to low GABA activity.

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Alzheimer Disease And Dementia

Alzheimer’s disease appears to happen when inflammation kills off neurons causing memory loss and other cognitive problems. Although there are clearly other mitochondria-related parts of the disease too. The prefrontal cortex (your human brain) is even more sensitive to inflammation than the rest of your brain. This is why even “normal” aging is associated with decreased cognitive function and forgetfulness. These symptoms which are commonly dismissed as by-products of aging are actually symptoms of inflammation, which itself lowers mitochondrial function.

Zing True Health Clinic Brain Health Approach

Zing True Health Clinic brain health approach is a holistic approach. You need to be committed when starting our programme as it focuses on lifestyle and real health approach. It is not about taking a magic pill and hoping it will all be fine. You must take responsibility for your health and encage in the process. We will guide you and teach you and create a road map for you to help you reach your optimal health. You will have a personalised treatment plan to get your brain operating like it should and help you have a thriving healthy life.