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Our weight loss programme in Kildare is designed to help you lose weight safely and effectively. Through nutrition education, meal plans, various holistic therapies and physical activity, we will help you develop healthy habits that will help you reach and maintain your desired weight. We will also provide support and weight loss motivation to help you stay on track and achieve your goals.

This best weight loss programme in Ireland includes regular check-ins with our certified nutritionists, who will provide personalised nutritional advice and support. Our programme is tailored to your individual needs and lifestyle and is designed to ensure that you can sustainably reach your weight loss goals.

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We look at your whole body’s system

Weight gain is a multi-factorial issue, and to control weight, we need to look at the whole body’s systems and nourish the many issues that the problems on to help the body burn fat more efficiently.

The standard prescription for weight loss is ‘Eat less, move more’. It sounds perfectly reasonable. But why doesn’t it work?

The main reason is that humans are not like a car. You put fuel into your car and you have X amount of fuel to get you X amount of mileage before your car needs to refuel again. This is a linear system. The human body is a complex, dynamic and ever-changing system.

The human body is a chemical soup factory full of Hormones, Neurotransmitters, the Nervous system, Genetics, microbiomes etc. This is just some of the dynamic systems we know of, and don’t even fully understand.

Individual approach is our key to success

To treat metabolic conditions such as obesity, we need to look at the person as an individual, and we need to understand their stress load, life load, breathing mechanics, goals and motivations.

The key to metabolic conditions is that the body is trying to reach a state of homeostasis or balance all of the time. Our goal is to listen to its feedback, to stop doing the same thing and try something new and test to see if our bodies improve or get worse. We need to connect back to nature and our bodies.

This programme will educate you on listening to your body, educate you on food choices, educate you on food quality and teach you to love your body and give it what it needs to thrive.

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Weight Loss Motivation

Your weight loss motivation is the key to success. At Zing True Health Clinic, the weight loss program is tailored to motivate and support individuals on the way to losing weight. The program emphasises personalised nutrition, holistic therapies, and physical activity. Key aspects include regular check-ins with nutritionists for customised dietary advice, various holistic treatments, and motivational support to ensure sustainable health habits. The approach is not only focused on physical health but also considers psychological well-being, providing ongoing encouragement and support to maintain weight loss motivation.

sports for weight loss programme Ireland

Setting Realistic Goals

When participating in the weight loss program at Zing True Health Clinic, setting realistic goals is crucial. This approach helps you identify achievable targets that are specific to your needs, guided by professionals.

For instance, instead of aiming for quick, drastic weight loss, you might focus on gradual improvements and lifestyle changes that promote long-term health. Our weight loss clinic supports these goals with tailored nutrition and therapy plans, ensuring that your objectives are practical and sustainable for your lifestyle.

Motivation and Support

The Zing True Health Clinic’s weight loss program incorporates a strong support system as part of its strategy. Participants get personalised guidance from nutritionists and therapists, and they’re encouraged to join a community that supports each other. This setup helps you stay on track because you’re not doing it alone.

You’ll meet others who are also working toward similar goals, and this can make your journey more enjoyable and less daunting. Sharing experiences and challenges with peers can provide extra motivation to keep going, even on tough days.

sports for weight loss
sports for weight loss

Celebrating Milestones

Celebrating milestones is a crucial component of the weight loss program at Zing True Health Clinic. They encourage celebrating small victories to keep motivation high. Whether it’s losing the first kilogram or sticking to the nutrition plan for a full week, recognising these achievements helps build confidence and sustains momentum.

The clinic supports this by offering regular assessments to track progress and providing positive reinforcement, making the journey enjoyable and rewarding. This approach ensures participants feel valued and driven to continue towards their weight loss goals

Weight Management Plan

The Weight Management after completing the weight loss program at Zing True Health Clinic focuses on maintaining a healthy weight through a holistic approach and learning new healthy lifestyle habits. The weight management plan incorporates a tailored diet, regular physical activities, and holistic therapies to encourage sustainable health habits.

Our weight loss clinic provides bi-weekly coaching to support the clients in maintaining their achieved weight loss, promoting long-term wellness and preventing weight regain. Weigh management plan emphasises personalisation and consistent support, vital for long-term success in weight management.

sports for weight loss programme Ireland

Nutritional Adjustments

The weight management plan from Zing True Health Clinic incorporates a tailored nutritional approach as its first major component. The program emphasises personalised dietary advice that aligns with individual health goals and nutritional needs.

Nutritionists at the clinic work closely with participants to create customised meal plans that focus on wholesome, unprocessed foods while managing caloric intake. This helps ensure that the diet not only contributes to weight loss but also supports overall health and well-being.

Physical Activity Enhancement

To enhance the physical activity aspect of the weight management plan at Zing True Health Clinic, the program could include personalised exercise routines tailored to each participant’s fitness level and weight loss goals.

This could involve a combination of cardiovascular activities, such as walking, cycling, or swimming, to burn calories and improve heart health; strength training to build muscle mass and increase metabolic rate; and flexibility exercises like yoga or Pilates to improve overall body function and reduce injury risk.

Regular sessions with a fitness professional might also be included to ensure proper technique and progression in activities.

sports for weight loss
sports for weight loss

Behavioral Support

The Zing True Health Clinic’s weight loss program emphasises a holistic approach to behavioural and psychological support. This includes setting realistic goals tailored to individual needs, monitoring progress with regular check-ins, and providing motivational counselling.

The program aims to address psychological factors such as emotional eating, enhancing the overall mental and emotional wellbeing of participants. This comprehensive support system is designed to help individuals adopt and maintain healthy lifestyle changes for long-term weight management.

Who Is This Programme For?

• People looking to lose weight
• People suffering from Diabetes
• People suffering from High Cholesterol
• People suffering from High Blood Pressure
• For those who want to learn healthy habits

Aims Of This Programme

• Reduce Obesity and Extra Weight
• Control Blood Pressure / Hypertension
• Educate and Understand Cholesterol
• Control Diabetes and Blood Sugar
• Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease
• Improve Insulin Sensitivity

What Is Involved In The Best Weight Loss Programme in Ireland?

The weight loss programme is a 12-week lifestyle and Nutrition programme. We are looking for committed people to take part in this programme.


In week one you will take a number of measurements and ask you to track your blood sugars. This is done for every client who starts this programme, if you are diabetic or not. The purpose is to understand how the food you are eating is affecting your physiology. Some of these measurements will be tracked at regular intervals throughout the programme.

Health Questionnaire & Initial Consultation

You will have a detailed health questionnaire to fill out and complete before your initial consultation. Your initial consultation will take up to an hour to discuss your health history and goals.

Holistic Lifestyle Coaching

Each week you will have a 15-minute coaching session with our holistic lifestyle coach to help set goals, brainstorm how to get through roadblocks and plan the week ahead. This can be in the clinic, by phone or by video call.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

HBOT has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity (the body’s ability to use insulin) after just one 60-minute session in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber. You will receive one session a week in the chamber for the entire programme.


Acupuncture has been shown to improve mood, sleep, energy and weight loss. This is an integral part of the weight loss programme, and you will receive one session a week for 20 minutes.

Tuina Massage

Tui Na massage is used to help move blood, release tension in the body and improve sleep. Tuina massage can help your body recover and alleviate stress. There will be a 30 minute massage each week included in the programme to help improve the overall function of the body.


Herbs have been shown to improve digestion, energy, mood and balance blood sugars. You will receive herbs throughout this programme to help you achieve your goals.


Breathing correctly is the most efficient way to loss weight. We will assess your breathing mechanics and help you make correction to your breathing while incorporating breathwork exercises.


Movement is critical to a healthy body. We will give you a 12 week movement plan as part of our weight loss program that will help you to accumulate energy and progress towards your goal.

Group Meeting

Every second week our clinic specialist will discuss specific health topics. This is where you can also ask questions and get your answers in a group setting. It is also a place for you to connect with your community and get support and motivation from your peers.

Comprehensive Weight Management

Weight gain is a multi-factorial issue and to control weight we need to look at the whole body of systems and nourish the multitude of issues that is going on in order to help the body burn fat more efficiently and you are losing weight.

Nutrition Programms

What’s Included in the weight loss plan?

  • Initial Weight Loss Consultation
  • 12 Weekly Coaching sessions – online or in the weight loss clinic.
  • 2 x Follow up consultation
  • Exercise Programme
  • Breathwork
  • 15% of all other treatments available in the clinic
  • 15% of all products available in the clinic

Reasons We Put On Weight

Chronic Inflammation

Chronic inflammation in the body leads to an overworked immune system. The body goes into a state of survival. The body is in a state of heightened alert all the time, resulting in our normal bodily functions becoming impaired and reduced in their efficiency to operate causing increase risk of disease and increase risk of excess weight.

Poor Breathing Habits

Your lungs are the primary excretory organ for fat loss. If we learn to breath correctly we will not only burn more fat but also increase our blood circulation give our brain more energy to make better lifestyle choices.

Poor Sleep

Poor quality sleep reduces the body’s ability to recover and the brain’s ability to process the day’s information. Sleep hygiene and deep sleep is essential to help the body perform better every day.

Carbohydrate / Insulin Resistance

Insulin resistance and carbohydrate resistance is becoming more and more common. This is because our food production system has created foods that are highly processed and are assimilated into the blood system too fast for our bodies to handle. Leading to blood sugar imbalance, mode issues and fat storage rather than fat burning.

Food Allergies or Intolerances

Poor digestion, improperly prepared food, or food that does not suit your body can cause the gut to get damaged causing an increase in gut permeability or leaky gut. This will cause inflammation in the body and a heightened immune reaction. This may increase food cravings, blood sugar imbalance and your chances of getting an allergy or intolerance to a food which can then hamper your ability to burn fat by keeping you in an inflammatory state if the food is continuously consumed.

Chronic Stress, Cortisol & Fluid Retention

Chronic stress puts the body into a catabolic state or body breakdown state. A long-term state of high stress means your body will be producing too much cortisol which will cause the body to break down muscle mass for energy and slow down your metabolism. High amounts of cortisol or stress in the body will also cause your body to hold on to water and cause fluid retention in the body.

Environmental Conditions

Our environment has an influence on our bodies. From the type of light our body gets daily influences or hormones and circadian rhythms. What the atmosphere is like may affect our emotions which can also be seen as energy in motion. Is the environment cold, warm, damp, or windy? These are all environmental factors in Chinese medicine that can influence how the body functions.

Adaptation to Imposed Demands

SAID Principle is basically where your body gets accustomed to the demands you put on the body. It becomes very efficient at fulfilling these demands and learns how to use as little energy as possible to do regular activities. You need to constantly confuse and challenge the body to fire the nervous system to create a more resilient and better body and to increase fat burning.


Leptin, Ghrelin and Insulin
Leptin is a protein released into the blood from fat tissues following eating and acts as a satiety signal to the brain. Ghrelin turns on signals to eat – sometimes referred to as the hunger hormone. Together ghrelin, leptin and insulin help control our appetite. These hormones are often not operating correctly when the body has excess weight. Leptin does not effectively signal satiety in response to food, leptin levels rise to compensate resulting in leptin resistance, therefore, causing us to consume more food than the body needs. Balancing these 3 hormones is essential for weight loss.

Low Thyroid / Metabolism
The hormones of the thyroid regulate metabolism in every single cell of the body. A deficiency of thyroid hormones can affect all body functions virtually.

Xenoestrogens, Pollutants, Chemicals & Toxins

Our food in our food supply some beauty products and cleaning products contain chemicals that bind to oestrogen receptors which can create hormonal imbalances and cause fat to accumulate in the body. These can also bind to gene signalling in adipose tissue and cause new fat cell formation and increase inflammation in fat tissue. These nasty chemicals can also cause a suppression of adiponectin – which is a glucose regulator.

Not Enough Movement or Too Much Movement

Our human body has not adapted to the modern industrialised sedentary lifestyle. Nowadays, people sit for most of the day and do not have enough physical activity, which downregulates our metabolism, upregulates the hungry hormone ghrelin and makes us more insensitive to leptin (feeling full hormone). A sedentary life lowers the activation of postural muscles, which inhibits proper breathing function, and all of this starts a cascade of negative effects on the human body.

Unfortunately, Chronic Cardio is usually the exercise of choice for most people, which further breaks down muscle mass, increases stress hormones and generally makes you crave sugar. Cardio is not bad for your health but should be specific and targeted for you in activity guidelines.

Macro Nutrient Imbalance & Micro Nutrient Deficiencies

Our soil and food supply is becoming more and more deficient of nutrients. When you are starting a health programme, you vote with your money. You should choose high-quality local vegetables and meat so that you are nourishing your body to the best ability you can.

Not Enough Calories
Often people who are trying to lose weight are not consuming enough calories and put their body into a stress response which turns on fat storage rather than fat burning as the body is worried about food shortages and is preparing the body for a famine.

Too Many Calories
Usually, this comes in the form of processed foods. High-calorie nutrient void foods like soft drinks and 90 % of items that come in a box.

Losing Weight Sustainably

Zing True Health Clinic’s long-term weight loss programme maintains a holistic view of the body. It’s a unique approach to weight loss. If you are committed and ready for a long-term relationship with our weight loss clinic that will guide you through your personalised healthy weight loss programme putting together all the foundations of human health, you will achieve great results. If your goal is getting each foundation right and the body back into balance where it can burn fat for fuel and if your metabolism is working like it is designed to, where the body’s excretory systems are working optimally and removing all toxins from the body then this programme is for you. We are looking for committed people with long-term health vision. The programme will focus on diet for weight loss and eating habits and all your body and lifestyle for all health benefits. Start your weight loss journey with us and get your target weight.

How The Programme Works


Weight Assessments

Detailed questionnaires, physical examination, breathing examination and if available blood work examination.

Personalized holistic treatment plans

Treatment Plan

A treatment plan created specifically for you with nutrition, lifestyle, movement and sleeping protocols created.


Weekly Treatments

Depending on your treatment plan may include some of the following:

  • Nutritional Consultation
  • Holistic Lifestyle Coaching
  • Personal Training
  • Breathwork
  • Herbs Consultation

Bi-weekly Coaching

You will also have access to bi-weekly coaching calls with our expert practitioners on certain health topics.

Acupuncture needles - needle insertion in the skin


The Treatment Plan has 3 phases to it.

Phase 1: Reset plan, here, you implement new strategies and start to create lifestyle changes. This is possibly the hardest part of the plan and here you will have frequent visits to the clinic to help keep you on track.

Phase 2: Maintenance phase: In Phase1 you will have learned the new strategies the are personalised to your needs and goals and you have made them into habits. Phase2 is to help you maintain these new habits and stay on track and coaching you towards your goals. You will visit the clinic but less frequently to make sure you are on track.

Phase 3: Longevity Plan: this phase of the programme is where you can decide to continue to work with Zing True Health Clinic. In Phase3 you visit us for preventative measures. This includes attending the clinic once or twice a month for treatments and receiving quarterly holistic health check-ups that focuses on living healthy for longer.