Heart Health Programme

Our Programme

Zing True Health Heart Programme is a holistic therapy that looks at the body as a whole. Creating a healthy heart is no different. We look at all the potential stressors in your life and focus on enabling you to reduce them. Stressors on the body range from environmental, poor food choices for your body, not enough movement or too much movement etc.

The human body does not work in isolation e.g. if heart is under too much stress the rest of the body will not be operating well. However, to just focus on the heart is not enough. We understand the body to be a holon, meaning the body is a system of systems that is completely integrated. If one system is out of balance the rest of the body has to try and pile its resources together to create balance. Therefore we must treat the entire system and not just the heart.

What Does The Programme Offer?

Blood Analysis

We do a comprehensive blood analysis in order to understand where your base line health is before we start the lifestyle intervention. We access your bloods in a functional range and use this information combined with all your other health information to create a specific treatment plan for you to reach your health goals.

Functional Health Assessment

The functional health assessment is a detailed questionnaire that goes into all your systems and examines your overall health holistically. This combined with your blood results helps us create a bigger picture of your overall health. From here we can build a heart health treatment plan that is personalised to you.

Optimum Nutritions

Nutrition Plan

We typically choose a diet that depends on your overall health. There is no one diet that fits all, and typically a nutrition plan needs to be changed regularly and adapted to your needs as your health improves.


Exercise Plan

Movement is especially important for heart health. Most heart disease issues come from issues with arterial health and not the heart at all. We don’t move enough nowadays, and this is one of the major factors in arterial health. When we move, we increase blood flow which increases need for more blood to the working muscles which tells the body to grow more arterial network by expanding the capillary network.


Traditional Chinese Medicine Assessment

This assessment is a physical assessment. Here we examine your pulse. The pulse can give us so much information about the health of your internal organs. We examine your tongue to see how the body’s energy systems are working and what needs support. We examine your eyes, ears, and hands. We consider the way you describe yourself and the way you present yourself. We also examine your posture and structure, see what muscle may be imbalanced and what needs attention in the body. From here we start to create a more focused picture of what is needed for your heart health treatment plan.



Zing True Health Clinic focuses on continuous education for its clients. We have bi-weekly coaching calls in a group setting where there is a presentation on health topics followed by Q&A that is emailed into the team to answer live on the call for all the participants to benefit from.

Heart Health

When we are looking at improving our heart health, we cannot just focus on the heart. There are so many factors at play that the only approach is a full body holistic approach. Heart health usually has a combination of factors:

Cholesterol Issues: Poor cholesterol markers or misinterpreted cholesterol reading.

Inflammatory issues: High stress, poor diet choices for your body and/or intolerance and allergies.

Hormonal Issues: Insulin resistance is one of the biggest drivers of poor heart health.

Digestion Issues: Constant bloating and heart burn can lead to insulin resistance which may lead to heart health issues.

Detoxification: Constipation, excretory organ issues and poor liver function can all increase the likelihood of heart health issues.

Poor Lifestyle Habits: Heart health is influenced by poor lifestyle habits that are not life affirmative such as not enough muscle mass, unsuitable medication, poor sleep habits and too much technology usage and poor work or living environment.

Zing True Health Clinic Heart Health Programme

Our programme is designed to give you all the tools and education you need to get your body as healthy as possible. We do this by first listening to you, showing compassion, assessing your health and implementing a treatment strategy and then re-assessing your health. Once you complete your treatment plan, we also give you options to continue collaborating with our practitioners on a less intensive programme we call the longevity programme.