Nutrition Therapy with Certified Nutritionist


What is Nutrition Therapy?

Zing True Health Clinic in Kildare is a multi-disciplinary clinic which includes nutritional therapy. When you sign up for any of our programmes, you sit with our nutrition therapy practitioner who looks at your current diet, health history, symptoms, lab work if available and most importantly, goals. With all of this information, our registered nutritionist based in Kildare will help create a personalised food plan for your body’s needs and where you are currently on your health journey. Please schedule an appointment with our Ireland nutritionist today!

Nutritional Therapy looks at you as a whole being, combining your future goals – what you want to achieve, what, if any, symptoms you are currently feeling, how your digestion is working, and any foods are not agreeing with you at this moment in time. Our nutritionists (public health nutritionists) in Kildare, Ireland, discuss your energy levels and educate/coach you on how nutrition therapy can help you achieve your goals quicker by having a properly fuelled body.

When our nutritionist has all your information gathered, our nutrition counselor then creates a food plan that will help you achieve higher health and allow you to thrive by eating nutritionally rich foods that energise and bring life into your body rather than decay and slow down your body.

What Does a Nutritionist Do?

Our nutritionists are health professionals and dietitians who specialise in nutrition and dietetics. We have the knowledge and experience to provide advice to individuals on how to make healthy dietary choices. We also guide how to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. Our nutritionists can assess individual dietary needs and recommend foods appropriate for each person’s health and lifestyle for personal well-being. We can also guide food preparation, nutrition education, and food safety. Our nutritionists can help individuals understand how to create and maintain a healthy diet and make healthy lifestyle choices.

Functional Blood Analysis

Your Nutritional Therapist Practitioner will also look at your blood work to see if there is any deficiency of nutrients in your blood to help target specific foods into your diet to increase your body’s nutrient levels. Our nutrition counselor looks at optimal blood level ranges in your blood.

Our Nutrition Programmes

Our nutritional therapist practitioner works closely with the other team members in the clinic so that no matter what nutrition programme you choose to go on, the entire team is aware of your programme and is all treating you to reach your health and life goals. Our nutrition program is a part of our weight loss program.

Nutritional therapy

Nutritional therapy In Ireland essentially uses food as medicine. This process is very individualised and personalised, and your ‘the client’ feedback is very important when starting a nutritional intervention as we want you to be enjoying your food, feeling energised from your food and most of all, reaching your health goals.

Optimum Nutrition

Our nutrition counselor aims to teach you to give yourself the best possible intake of nutrients to allow your body to be as healthy as possible and to work as well as it can. Our nutritionists personalise the human nutrition needs of each client. Each person has unique nutritional needs that depend on a whole host of factors, from the strengths and weaknesses in their environment genetics and physiological needs. No diet is perfect for everyone, so we personalise it for you.

Our Nutrition Counselor Aim To Create A Diet That Will

Promote your optimal mental performance and emotional balance

Promotes your optimal physical performance

Reduce incidence of ill health

A diet that promotes the longest healthiest life spa

Deliver the Right Nutrition For Your Body?

– Nutrition Diet Benefits

  • Improves mental clarity, mood and concentration.
  • Increase IQ
  • Increase physical performance
  • Improve quality of sleep
  • Improve resistance to infections
  • Protect yourself from disease
  • Extend your healthy life span

Personal nutritionist approach 

– Individual nutrition plans

Our Irish nutrition practitioners always take an individual approach with you. A nutritionist listens to your goals and concerns and provides personalised nutrition advice. We also follow up with you to see how they are progressing and make any necessary adjustments to your plans. Our individualised approach has helped dozens of our clients to achieve their goals and improve overall health.

    What Proper Nutrition Can Help With


    Eating a diet that helps reduce inflammation can hlep reduce pain in the body

    Stress & Anxiety

    • Low mood
    • High stress
    • Anxiety
    • Brain Fog
    • Depression


    • Headaches
    • Migrains

    Holistic Eye Health

    • Macular Degeneration
    • Diabetic Nephropathy
    • Glucoma
    • Dry eyes, red eyes
    • Other genetic and rare eye issues


    • Male Infertility
    • Female Infertility

    Hormonal Health

    • Male hormonal balance
    • Libido
    • PMS
    • Menapause
    • Female hormonal health

    Chronic Conditions

    • Fibromyalgia
    • Fatigue
    • MS
    • Lyme disease
    • Auti-immune

    Skin Health

    • Rosacea
    • Psoriasisa
    • Eczemia
    • Acne
    • Fungal and nail infections
    • Candidiasis
    • Athlete’s foot

    Metabolic Conditions

    • Difficulty losing weight
    • Diabetes
    • High blood pressure
    • High cholesterol
    • Heart disease
    • Hypertension

    Digestive Disorders

    • IBS
    • IBD
    • Crohn’s
    • Colitis
    • Reflux
    • Bloating

    Higher Performance

    • Sports recovery
    • Faster recovery
    • Sports performance
    • Brain performance
    • Injury prevention


    • Brain health and performance
    • Optimized health
    • Prevention
    • Defy agin
    • Higher performance