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Qi & Blood

Heart Health Talk

Learn about the prevalence of health issues in the world today and how simple nutrition, breath exercises and prescribed movement can help you achieve an optimal heart and optimal health.
• Learn the functions of the heart
• Learn the emotions of the heart
• Learn how our breath can improve heart health.
• Learn about proper movement and training zones to help the heart
• Learn how heat can improve heart health
• Learn what foods can help improve heart health
• Learn the truth about cholesterol and what it dose in the body.
• Learn what blood markers to request to understand heart health and take control of your own body.

Event Time: Pending

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Thursday, Jan 26.  Weight Loss Talk

Qi & Blood

Weight Loss Talk

Are you looking to jumpstart your weight loss journey? If so, you wont want to miss this upcoming talk! On Thursday, the 26th of this month, We will be hosting a weight loss talk at the clinic. Space is limited to 15 participants, so reserve your spot today! During the talk, Well be discussing a few tried and true weight loss strategies, as well as the benefits of a weight loss programme. The talk itself is free and there will be an opportunity to purchase the weight loss programme after the talk. If youre serious about taking control of your health and wellbeing, dont miss out on this opportunity to learn about the latest weight loss strategies. Reserve today and take the first step towards achieving your weight loss goals.

Reffel: One of our clinic treatment for free.

Event Time: 19:00 Thursday, Jan 26.

Thursday, April 6.  Online Diabetes Talk

Qi & Blood

Diabetes Talk

Join Michael Kindregan as he presents a talk on “Type II Diabetes”. The talk will review the rising incidence of type II diabetes. Michael will focus on the fundamental causes of diabetes and how to address those processes with nutritional and lifestyle means. This will include not just the glycaemic load, exercise, muscle mass, sound sleep rhythms but also the influence of environmental toxins. Michael will present nutritional and lifestyle means by which to support an individual with diabetes.

• Learn the increasing incidence & cost of diabetes on health and society
• Learn the different underlying causes of diabetes including dietary changes in humans recent history, lifestyle issues and lack of physical activity and some key environmental toxins.
• Learn how to address each of these from a nutritional and lifestyle perspective.
• Learn key nutrients and plant concentrates that support a normal level of blood glucose.
• Learn how to track your blood sugar correctly and how to understand how to make your food work for you better.
• Learn how simple take away tricks to improve blood sugars results and implement the next day into your life.
• Learn the power of breath and in influence on your entire metabolic health.
• Learn what blood markers to request from your blood test to take control of your own health.