Autonomic Response Testing

What is Autonomic Response Testing?

– Autonomic Response Testing (A.R.T) is a tool developed by Dr Dendrick Klinghardt. It is a muscle bio-feedback based testing system. It allows us to communicate very deeply with the body and the needs of the body.

The autonomic nervous system is the part of the nervous system we don’t consciously control: the vital functions like breathing, blood pressure, digestion, immune function, detoxification, and hormone regulation. The bio-photon field is the summation of photons being emitted in and around our body. It is an organized manifestation of visible and ultraviolet light that is imperative to our cellular communication systems and thus all biological processes.

Your bio-photon field can be regarded as a highly sophisticated super-computer that at the speed of light processes and stores data, and retrieves information that is then used to regulate your biological processes.

The root of A.R.T. is to identify the state of health of the autonomic nervous system and the coherence of the biophoton field, a method that extends beyond the limits of the normal medical information-gathering using the physical exam, lab work, and imaging techniques. A.R.T. is a extension of the physical examination.

A.R.T. systematically explores, evaluates and challenges the seven most common stressors or ‘factors’ of our current life that prevent our natural ability to stay healthy or heal from illness. A.R.T is a diagnostic technique that allows us to detect the true causes of illness and their entry points into our system. Using A.R.T. we can establish a cause-related treatment protocol that is in harmony with our physical nature. It directs us to find the most effective and yet gentle biological solution for the resolution of the symptoms or the set of issues arising from these underlying causes.

Autonomic Response Testing is a method that was designed to relieve human suffering. Any growth that may come from suffering is a by‐product, but not a condition for healing.


The 7 Most Common Stressors or Factors

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Physical Body

  1. Structural imbalance – poor occlusion, spinal subluxations, fascial adhesions, poorly healed injuries.
  2. Biochemical needs / deficiencies (hormones, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and co-factors, water, oxygen, hydrogen).
  3. Toxins (microbial endo-and exotoxins, man-made chemicals, heavy metals, metabolic waste, senescent cells).

The Energy Body

  1. Biophysical stress (microwave from mobile phones, broadcasting or smart meters, household currents and fields, ground current, light pollution from computers, mobile phones, CFLs and fluorescent lights, magnetic fields, geopathic stress from mother earth).
  2. Food, environmental and emotional ‘allergies’.
  3. Energetic perturbances (active scars with fractional electric discharges, metal implants in jaw or joints, charge build-up in spinal membranes and fascia, misfiring of autonomic and spinal ganglia, dissimilar metals in dental restorations, tattoos, and piercings).
  4. Psycho-spiritual issues: unresolved emotional and mental traumata and conflicts. Unresolved ancestral traumata and conflicts.


A.R.T. is a physical examination. The physical examination includes traditional nervous system evaluation as well as principles of applied kinesiology (changes of muscle strength and length).Evaluating how these energetic systems are functioning or ‘regulating’ allows us to find the most significant disruptions in a patient as well as the most appropriate solutions.

Treatment of the underlying issues corrects the function of the autonomic nervous system and bio-photon field, this allows the body to self-regulate and self-heal. Finding the blockages is an imperative aspect to restoring our innate healing intelligence, this will create optimal health.

Many different conditions of backpain

Significant Disruptors

• Focal infections
• Toxins
• Allergies
• Scars
• Structural issues
• Phycological stressors
• Electromagnetic stress

Acupuncture practitioner knows specific points to treat migraine

Solutions For The Disruptors

• Essential oils
• Diet
• Supplements
• Light therapy
Tuina massage

How Autonomic Response Testing Works

Every substance generates and emits electromagnetic energy that has a certain frequency. Of our 5 senses, conventional medicine mainly recognizes our vision as the main organ that senses electromagnetic (light) energy. Hearing recognizes auditory frequencies. Unbeknownst to most of us, our bodies also crudely recognizes the frequencies through the skin via the autonomic nervous system. This system appears to only recognize substances by three categories “good”, “bad” and “neutral”.
When something is harmful, the body’s sympathetic nerves begin to fire and cause a change in the muscle strength to “block” or tighten. When something is beneficial or healing, the parasympathetic nerves fire and cause a muscle relaxation we call a healing or “yin” response. When the substance is neutral, the muscles strength doesn’t change.

ART takes advantage of a consistent physiologic response of the human body involving the physical phenomena of bio-resonance. Bio-resonance refers to the resonance that occurs in living beings:

For example, if a patient has significant mercury toxins in the head, and we present a vial of mercury near the patient’s head that has the accumulated toxin, that mercury vial will resonate with the mercury in that part of the body and cause the mercury in the body to vibrate. Since the mercury is already harming the body, the additional mercury will cause the body to react with a sympathetic stress response. This stress response will then be transmitted to the assistant’s body and change her/his muscle response.

Autonomic Response Testing (ART) is a powerful technique which can be used to diagnose difficult conditions and even help determine the most likely beneficial therapy.
When ART is combined with other disciplines such as Acupuncture, Tuina, Herbs, Hyperbaric oxygen, and Nutritional therapies, the results can be frequently astounding.