Pain Management Ireland

The pain management bundle is for acute or chronic (longer than 3 months) pain

Our Pain Management Programme

Acute Pain

Generally acute injury can be successfully treated within 2-4 weeks with regular treatment. Acute injury is an injury that is less then 3 months old. You will have an initial exam to see where the acute pain is and what is causing it. As a good rule of thumb for treatment we see the following

• Issues that are Days old may take only 1-2 treatments to resolve.
• Issues that are Weeks old take days to resolve.
• Issues that are Months old take weeks to resolve.
• Issues that have been around for Years takes month to resolve
• When treatment holds after 2 weeks? Issue USUALLY won’t come back

Chronic Pain

The definition of chronic pain: Pain that no longer has a purpose.

Chronic pain is usually pain that is there longer than 3 months. The body has tremendous healing power and it is supposed to clean up these pains and take them away, because it is highly unhealthy for the organism (gene) to walk around in pain. The body’s immune system gets rid of pain. This mechanism is controlled by the mid-brain.

The body is genetically designed not to have chronic pain. We are genetically designed to have acute pain e.g. putting hand in fire – you get a gamma loop response and the nerves contracts and out comes your hand from the fire. Acute pain has a use.

The Body can lock itself into a sensory motor loop where you can have pain for years and a body part feels weak and stiff. It is shown that 80% of chronic pain is a neurological disease/disorder. Thankfully we have Acupuncture and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy to help us increase blood flow and start a systemic healing affect in the body to get rid of or reduce chronic pain by retraining the nervous system.

Who Is This Programme For

For anyone suffering from acute pain or chronic pain. This programme is designed to help you resolve pain such as

Back Pain

Shoulder Pain

Joint Pain

Elbow Pain

Knee Pain

Hip Pain


Wound Healing

What Is The Aim Of The Programme

The aim of the programme is to


Reduce inflammation in the body


Increase blood supply to the affected area


Change signalling in the nervous system that is over-reacting in the area of pain


Get you out of pain and moving better again

What Treatments Include in Pain Management Programme?

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

HBOT Therapy saturates the body with oxygen which creates an anti-inflammatory response and a release of stem cells into the body which starts a systemic healing affect in the body. HBOT has been shown to increase recovery time from surgery, injury, and wound healing.


Acupuncture works primarily on blood flow and on the nervous system. Acupuncture opens up your tissues (vasodilates), this is important because all of the components to healing your tissues is in the blood. Acupuncture also works on a hormonal level releasing anti-inflammatory endorphins and natural pain killers to supress the pain in the body and create a healing affect. All of this combines to help create new tissue and allows the body to heal faster.


Cupping is a very powerful and ancient technique used to move stagnant blood and repair damaged tissue. It is a powerful and enjoyable technique that can alleviate pain very quickly in the body. When combined with Tuina or acupuncture if can be a very powerful and compounding tool for reducing pain in the body and is an integrative part of pain management.


Tuina Massage is a combination of manipulations and massage therapy. It is a medical massage that is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine and used to treat both internal and external conditions. It improves blood flow, loosens up fascia and helps promote proper structure and posture in the body so that health can be improved.

Gua Sha

Gua Sha scrapping of tissue can help move stagnant blood in the body and stimulate oxygenated blood flow to the area reducing stiffness, tightness and muscle injury.

Exercises Plan

Corrective rehabilitation programmes with a personal trainer are critical when getting the body out of pain. It is important to teach the body’s muscles and nervous system to function correctly and get stronger so you reduce the likelihood of getting injured again during and after your rehabilitation programme.