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Our acupuncture clinic in Kildare offers professional acupuncture treatments and therapies. Our acupuncturists have over 15 years of experience and are experts in the traditional Chinese art of acupuncture. We strive to give our patients a safe and comfortable environment by focusing on providing the highest quality of care.

How Does Acupuncture Therapy Work?

– Our Acupuncture therapy works on bringing balance back to the body or homeostasis. Chinese Acupuncture has been proven to work on four areas in the human body to create a healing effect.

Acupuncture can work wonders for your body in several ways. One way is by increasing the flow of blood to your tissues. This is like giving your plants water – if they don’t get enough, they wither and lose their vitality. Similarly, if your tissues don’t get enough blood, you may experience pain, reduced mobility, and poorer tissue quality. Therapy can help by increasing blood flow and opening up your blood vessels.

Another way treatment can help by affecting your neuroendocrine system. This means that your hormones, natural painkillers, and anti-inflammatories are released into your bloodstream, promoting healing.

Acupuncture can also create new tissues to replace damaged ones, which helps to reduce pain and improve your overall health. Finally, it can De-Swell your nervous system, which is essential when you’re in pain. It targets specific nerves and reduces inflammation, providing relief from discomfort.

Acupuncture needles. Inserting needles very thin needles - single use, sterile needles.

Our acupuncturists

Our acupuncture clinic offers a range of treatments to help patients reach their desired health and well-being. Our acupuncturists are licensed by the Acupuncture Council of Ireland and use the latest techniques and equipment for optimal care.

Here at our clinic, we practice a wide range of treatments to help improve your health conditions and well-being. Whether you’re looking to relieve pain, improve your energy flow or relax, our experienced acupuncturists team can help. Contact our acupuncturist and schedule an appointment.

How Can Acupuncture Treatment Help You?

When blood flow to an area of the body is restricted, it can result in disease or malfunction. Damage from trauma or an internal disorder may have difficulty healing if the blood supply is reduced.

Acupuncture needles alter biochemical processes in different areas of the central nervous system, promoting natural healing and physical and emotional well-being.

Improved blood flow and the release of endorphins can reduce pain and stress, resulting in better overall mental and physical health.

Acupuncture is an effective treatment for various conditions, such as chronic pain, headaches and migraines. It may be used with traditional medicine to address tennis elbow and neck pain.

Tennis elbow is a common condition characterised by pain and tenderness in the out increase of the elbow. Treatment typically focuses on reducing pain and inflammation by stimulating the body’s natural healing processes, with effectiveness comparable to corticosteroid injections.

Acupuncture for fertility

Acupuncture for Fertility to Increase The Chances of Pregnancy

Acupuncture for fertility may help couples who are attempting to become pregnant, as it increases the likelihood of conception. Additionally, treatment reduces stress and promote relaxation during pregnancy.

Treatment for pregnancy can improve the circulation of blood to the reproductive organs, enabling a stronger possibility of sustaining an egg during full gestation in females. In males, it can improve seminal quality and forward momentum.

Our licensed acupuncturists in Kildare will design a personalised treatment specific to your requirements.

Alleviate Heyfever And Sinus

Acupuncture has been proven to be beneficial for treating symptoms of both sinusitis and pollen allergies. Our clinic offers a range of therapies designed to reduce the inflammation associated with these conditions, so if you’re experiencing related symptoms, come and see us for effective relief.

Depression And Anxiety

Acupuncture is known to help with depression and anxiety. It focuses on the body and mind as one rather than separately, increases the flow of Qi and eliminates blockages. Endorphins created by treatment balance the system, freeing individuals from depression symptoms and allowing them a normal life. Contact our clinic to arrange an appointment with our acupuncturist.

Treat your hay fever and feel energized with medical acupuncture
Meridians stimulation for Weight loss

Non-Invasive, Safe And Effective Method For Weight Loss

Acupuncture and herbs can be beneficial for weight loss if used in combination with a person taking responsibility for their actions. However, it should not be considered as a panacea or a quick-fix solution.

Studies have shown that when acupuncture and herbal remedies are combined with traditional approaches for weight loss, patients tend to see greater success.

Our acupuncture clinic is renowned for providing quality services in the Naas, Dublin, Portlaoise, Wexford, Waterford and throughout Ireland area for many years.

Many different conditions of backpain

Effective For Sciatica And Back Pain

Studies have found that acupuncture effectively treats chronic pain, such as lower back pain. A meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials, including around 20,000 patients with chronic musculoskeletal pain, revealed it to be significantly better than standard care. Need acupuncture treatment for back pain? Book an acupuncturist consultation.

Acupuncture practitioner knows specific points to treat migraine

Benefits Of Acupuncture For Headaches And Migraines

The World Health Organization (WHO) observes that headaches are one of the most common nervous system illnesses. A 2018 study assessed the neurological responses to acupuncture treatment for migraines and found biochemical changes in brain metabolites that may minimize the intensity of head pain.

Acupuncture needles - needle insertion in the skin

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