Cupping Therapy

Zing True Health Clinic specialises in cupping therapy, a Traditional Chinese Medicine technique that improves blood circulation removes toxins and relieves pain. Our certified cupping therapists use customised techniques and provide exceptional customer service to ensure that every client feels relaxed and rejuvenated. Visit us today to experience the benefits of cupping for therapy treatment.

What Is Cupping Therapy?

– Create a complete muscle healing affect

Cupping therapy treatment is a Traditional Chinese Medicine therapy that has been used for more than 3,000 years. It involves using special cups to apply suction over the skin of an affected area. The negative pressure created in the cup causes the skin to draw upward into the cup.

The cups are then left in place or moved around the skin to improve the blood flow in the area, rid the body of toxins, improve general well-being, and help with many different ailments, including pain, inflammation and infections. Cupping increases blood circulation, relieve pain, removes toxins from the body, and activates the immune system.

Cupping Therapy Treatment Kildare - by Cupping Therapists

Why Cupping for Therapy?

– Cupping for Therapy Treatment Increasing Blood Circulation

When blood gets sucked into the area underneath the cup, local blood circulation increases. This increased blood circulation extends down to the muscle layer, helping cells that are in the area to repair faster.

This also increases granulation and angiogenesis, the formation of new connective tissue and blood vessels, during wound recovery. This can help heal soft tissue injury, relieve muscle tension, and stop pain.

Cupping for therapy can stimulate the immune system, make the body more resilient to disease, and have healing properties. Schedule appointment with our cupping therapist.

– Relieving Pain

Cupping therapy treatment is well-known for helping to relieve pain. It has also been shown to activate acupuncture points, and acupuncture is well-known in helping to relieve pain in a few different ways. Cupping methods can also relieve pain by loosening adhesions in the muscles or fascia.

It lifts the fascia from the muscle, which can help reduce muscle tightness and relax the muscles. Another way cupping helps relieve pain is by bringing blood to stagnant skin and muscles, at the same time draining waste such as lactic acid from the muscles.

– Removing Toxins

Cupping therapy treatment has been shown to remove damaged blood from the affected area. The damaged blood can contain inflammatory chemicals, broken-down cells, clotted blood, scar tissue, or other substances that can cause pain and prevent healing.

The increase in blood circulation in the area allows the toxins trapped in the soft tissue layers to rise to the body’s surface.

Cupping can increase lymph flow also. The lymphatic system is part of the immune system that helps the body get rid of toxins, waste, and other unwanted materials and helps to circulate white blood cells throughout the body. Call our cupping therapist today.

– Cupping Therapy Treatment of Sports injuries and Pain management

Cupping therapy treatment can also relieve muscle tension, help release the fascia, and physically break up adhesions or knots. Treatment not only works on the muscles but can activate the nerves that help block pain signals, as well.

It can help nerves release certain neurotransmitters and endorphins, which help to stop the sensation of pain. It also increases the pain threshold, which means more stimulus is needed to trigger pain. Contact our cupping therapist today for a free consultation.

Cupping Therapist Advise What Is Cupping Treatment Good For

Neck & Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Joint Pain

Upper Back Pain

Lower Back Pain

Knee Pain


Benefits Of Cupping

Improve Skin

When it comes to skin nourishment and rejuvenation, cupping massage is probably the most effective natural therapy available.

Central Nervous System

The next immediate beneficiary of cupping application is the central nervous system.

Stimulation Of Fascia & Muscle

As a direct result of cupping application, the flow of oxygen-rich blood to muscle mass and the surrounding fascia is encouraged, resulting in improved muscle flexibility, stretching, muscle nourishment and energy surge to the treatment location.

Immune System

Has a direct result of increased microcirculation, the lymphatic system is also excited and stimulated. The extra activity of the lymphatic system inevitably results in improved lymphatic drainage and the elimination of waste matter, reinforcing the entire immune system.

Treatment of Other Conditions

Cupping therapy treatment is not only used for pain in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is one of the primary modalities used by practitioners to treat almost any disease. Disease happens when there is an imbalance in the body, when a pathogen invades, or when one of the organs does not work properly or efficiently. It can help restore balance to the body, remove pathogens and toxins, and regulate and nourish the internal organs.

Does Cupping Hurt

Normally, a pulling sensation is experienced on the skin. The pulling sensation (the suction action of the cup) should be well tolerated by the patient. Depending on the individual’s skin sensitivity. Our cupping therapists will examine your general health condition before. Call our clinic today and schedule a consultation with our cupping therapist. You can also visit us as we are located conveniently in Kildare, 30 minutes from Dublin and 5 minutes from Naas. Cupping is part of our weight loss programme.

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How Cupping Therapy Treatment Looks Like?

Step 1

When you arrive for a cupping therapy session at Zing True Health Clinic, the therapist will first conduct a brief consultation to understand your health condition and specific needs. You will then be asked to lie down in a comfortable position, usually on your stomach or back, depending on the treatment area.

Step 2

The therapist will apply cups, which can be made of glass, bamboo, or silicone, to your skin. These cups create a vacuum either through heat or suction, causing the skin to rise and redden as blood vessels expand. The cups are left in place for about 5 to 10 minutes, though this can vary based on individual treatment plans.

Step 3

During the session, you might feel a pulling sensation which is generally well-tolerated. Some therapists may also move the cups around your skin to enhance the therapy’s effectiveness. After the session, you might notice circular marks on your skin, which usually fade within a week. The entire experience is designed to be relaxing and therapeutic, aiming to improve blood flow, reduce pain, and detoxify the body.