Weight Loss Programme Tier 1



Program includes:

  • HBOT 60 min x 6 sessions
  • Acupuncture 12 sessions
  • Tuina x 6 sessions
  • Nutrition Consultation
  • Nutrition and Herb Follow Ups
  • Holistic Lifestyle Coaching
  • Breathwork Exercises
  • Exercise Plan
  • Herbs
  • Bi-Weekly Coaching Calls


Our Weight Loss Programme Tier 1 is an effective way to help you reach your weight loss goals. Our Zing True Health Clinic comprehensive programme is designed to help you make lasting lifestyle changes, so you can manage your weight for the long term.

With our one-time payment option, you will receive access to all of our resources, including personalized meal plans, exercise guidance, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, tui na massage and expert coaching. Our team of professional nutritionists will guide and support you every step of the way, helping you to reach your weight loss goals. Get started today and start seeing the results you desire!